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What we offer as a partner.

Free Promotion & Visibility

We don’t take commission or charge hostels anything to be in our app. Your brand will appear at the top of search results for your city on the home screen and/or another main screen inside the application.

Community Building & Extra Revenue

Hostels will be able to promote their activities to their guests and also the wider community in order to increase attendance at events and increase sales (Currently being designed with feedback from existing partners).

Network Effects

We are building a network of trustworthy authentic hostels that provide a good experience for our travelers so that they know a TripRanger partnered hostel is a good place to stay.

Win-Win Relationship

Partnering with us is a two-way street and we want to hear from you and to work with you to create something that will benefit you and the travelers that stay with you.

TripRanger Partnership - How it Works

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